Alcohol Benefits And Harmfulness : Alcohol

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Alcohol Benefits and Harmfulness
According to one of the BBC news, “A car travelling at high speed driven by a suspected drunk driver has crashed into a crowd of spectators during a university parade in the US state of Oklahoma, killing four people and injuring 44 others, police say.” Drunk driving is that the driver operated a motor vehicle unconsciously on account of excessive ethanol intake and it’s easily to cause an accident. Hence, as a growing number of adults have involved in severely drunk driven accidents and resulting in injuries and deaths, whether the government should release a series of more stringent alcohol rule or not, has sparked a lot debate. Indeed, due to the highly potential risk of alcohol, the rules of the alcohol have to play an important role to social safety.
Refer to the history of alcohol, it did experience the affirmation and the denial through a long period. In the sixteenth century, alcohol, called “spirits”, was used largely for medicinal purposes. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the British parliament passed a law, which encouraging the use of grain for distilling spirits. Cheap spirits flooded the market and reached a peak in the mid-eighteenth century. In nineteenth century, a change in attitudes and the temperance movement began promoting the moderate use of alcohol, which ultimately became a push for total prohibition. In 1920, the U.S. passed a law to prohibit the manufacture, sale, import and export of intoxicating…

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