Alcohol Changes In The Workplace

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Everyone has the right to have enjoyment in their life, however too much of anything can be problematic. For instance, some people enjoy a cup of beer or wine at home or at a bar after work to unwind. Some people drink alcohol in social settings, to share a special moment together. Although alcohol may be a legal substance that is sold in grocery stores, liquor stores, and, anywhere else it's assumed that individuals who drink such substance are going to act responsibly. Alcohol changes in legality, when the individual decides to get behind the wheel, drives recklessly and erratically, thus endangering themselves and/or others in the process. Despite, there being an age limit of 21 years or older to purchase and drink beer, it's also assumed…show more content…
In order for management or supervisor to be able to support or help a person with substance or alcohol abuse, it is imperative for management to be aware of symptoms in the workplace (Thomas & Hersen, 2002). By management recognizing various symptoms, or changes in the employee, the employer can further prevent contamination of other employees, and the problems becoming more out of control than necessary, when it's best practice to give an employee a chance to change their behavior (Thomas & Hersen, 2002). EAP conducts training for supervisors/management on recognizing various symptoms, as well as gives powerful suggestions, into managing and assisting. Most employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), as a form of intervention/assistance for people with substance/alcohol abuse as well as other problems, ideally, the preferred method of referral is self-referral (Thomas & Hersen, 2002). Some employees that may be afflicted by addiction, may not be aware of such resources, it is in the best interest of management to educate and offer suggestions for an employee to consider. It would be neglectful for management who is aware but does nothing and ignores the problem. Another benefit of management’s awareness of various symptoms can further set accurate goals with EAP that can…show more content…
(2004). Mentions that finding the right EAP program can be difficult due to faulty or weak facilities, that do not meet the education requirements, have a high turnover rate, have changes in owners and, therefore, changing the mission of the program (Join Together, a National Policy Panel, 2004). Therefore, it's suggested for some of the programs to be consolidated to create more effective programs, as this can also make a difference in people seeking treatment for drug/alcohol problem (Join Together, a National Policy Panel, 2004). It's also suggested that incentives be put into place at the workplace or facilities as a motivator for the employee (Join Together, a National Policy Panel, 2004). Among the many functions that EAP can assist an employee with the following: maintain their job by addressing, mental health, family, legal, financial problems all of which can affect the employee (Thomas & Hersen, 2002). By addressing the before mentioned, the employee may perhaps decrease substance/alcohol use, therefore no longer impairing their work and personal
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