Alcohol Comsuption in Botswana

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This topic hopes to explore whether alcohol consumption, besides possibly being a deviant behavior with regards to Botswana’s morality as a conservative nation, has adverse effects and costs to the overall economy and health of the country. Whether increasing the alcohol laws and levies as remedial measures are the right or most beneficial and inexpensive modes of action in trying to deter such a health epidemic, if it is indeed such. If not, what cost analyzed counteractive measures can be employed that will preserve the economy of the country while also improving the people’s health when implemented. In addition, it will also look at the consequences of the recent implementation of the tobacco levy and what counteractive measures could …show more content…
ischaemic heart disease, and tuberculosis (Sitas,Urban, Bradshaw, Kielkowski, Bah, & Peto, 2004).
According to the World Health Organization (2011), the lower the level of economic development a country has, the higher the mortality, and burden of disease and injury attributable to alcohol consumption. Additionally, the lower the individual socioeconomic status of the people within a country, the higher the alcohol disease burden attributable to that country (World Health Organization, 2011). Such a case could also be attributable to the burden of tobacco health issues. Botswana is an upper middle income developing nation (World Health Organization, 2011) where the main provider of health care services is the Botswana government (World Health Organization, 2009). Therefore the brunt of the costs of alcohol and tobacco related health issues falls to the government of Botswana lending to the possibility of various economic issues.
To this regard many countries have adopted combative measures against the vices of alcohol consumption and tobacco use and in adaptation to Botswana counteractive laws and levies have been implemented. In 2008 the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) implemented the Trade and Liquor Act stipulating the terms, conditions, and the types of goods to be sold under each license (Ministry of Trade and Industry, 2011). Thusly, the act establishes a liquor control authority for each city, town, district, and

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