Alcohol Consumption Among Youth Is Not A New Issue Essay

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1. Introduction Alcohol consumption amongst youth is not a new issue – New Zealand has a long standing history of alcohol consumption both good and bad. In New Zealand, as is also around the world, the consumption of alcohol has baggage both good and bad. It is seen on a positive note as a social enabler, it allows oneself to let their guard down a bit and feel at ease in situations out of their normal comfort zones, however to every story there is also a flip-side, and this is the idea that alcohol consumption is the cause of social harm. These views are also reflected in the thoughts of many New Zealander’s today. An online article, Contrary to belief, we may be losing ‘binge’ from our drinking culture (2012) highlights the disparities of views between those who are 50 years or older, and those I deem part of the youth of New Zealand who are 30 years or younger. The views show that the older group believe that New Zealanders, especially the younger demographic have a problem with alcohol consumption, however, those in the younger group acknowledged that as a society New Zealanders drink excessively, many argued that we (New Zealand) was no different to any other country in regards to alcohol consumption. This perceived social norm of excessive drinking highlights the need to further explore how as a society we can change the social norm so excessive drinking is not an issue without stigmatizing a particular segment of society. This literature review, which is to explore
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