Alcohol Consumption On Student Performance

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Nowadays, alcohol consumption has been common among university students around the world. Some studies found that they had been engaged in binge drinking although it was their first time drinking alcohol (Martens et al., 2009). Further study by Dantzer et al (2006) supported this statement with the evidence that almost half of university student in the United States of America had been engaged in binge drinking behaviour. Although some studies show that drinking alcohol can give positive effects such as feeling confident, relaxing surrounding and happy emotions (Bot, Engel & Knibbe, 2005), this drinking behaviour gives more negative effects compare to the goods. It gives the bad effects to the students especially in terms of health and education. It has been found that more than 10% of all the diseases are from the alcohol consumption (Rehm et al., 2009). For education, some studies found that alcohol consumption has a negative effect on student performance (Singleton & Wolfson, 2009). There are many factors that lead to alcohol consumption for university students such as biological and environmental factors. This essay will explain about one of the main factors which is the sociocultural factor that leads to university students’ alcohol consumption based on a study from Sanchez et al (2011). This study aimed to find the relationship between the cultural differences which are different from Europe and the United States of America, and the alcohol drinking consumption among…
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