Alcohol Dependence: A Case Study

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VIGNETTE CASE STUDY Alcohol is not merely a recreational drink. It is a tool to destroy personal and family lives if uncontrolled. Different people have different levels of control over the use of alcohol where some can actually use it only on occasions while others mess up their lives for it. Teens particularly are prone to the hazards of alcohol if they start quitting school to. The role of family is very significant in helping alcoholics overcome their addiction and lead a healthy non-alcoholic life. 1.MEMBER ASSESSMENT This vignette, a case of social and psychological nature, comprises of three main characters of a family- the mother, father and daughter facing the issue of uncontrolled use of alcohol. All have separate drinking behaviors that are discussed here. 1.1DAUGHTER The daughter is only a teen ager and she has started to drink. Her symptoms of leaving school, failure and indifference regarding her school results show that she is a consistent drinker and likes to spend time out with the friends. The daughter is regulated and controlled for alcohol at home but does party outside. This shows she is in the early dependency stage of addiction characterized by skipping school or work (Types of Addiction, 2013). This stage is particular to the teens where the youth is thrilled drink and does drugs to copy elders and also they quit schools. The Axis I diagnosis confirms that she has Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders due to alcohol and drug dependence. Her
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