Alcohol Drugs And Its Effects On Society

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Drugs; whether they are licit or illicit (legal or illegal), will be used and abused by numerous people in this world. If the drug is considered legal, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be addicting or good for your body; most licit drugs are just as harmful to the body as the ones that are illicit. In this essay I will be discussing two different drugs; alcohol which is a licit drug, and heroin which is an illicit drug. We will touch the following subjects and how they may impact the family, what the impact is on themselves and comparing what continued use could do and the benefits they would have from quitting.
Alcohol is a licit drug that many people have tried; in the United States, 86.8% of people reported to drinking alcohol at least once in their life. When people abuse alcohol, it is known as alcoholism. Not only does alcohol have a huge impact on the individual but it strongly impacts the family. When parents drink heavily in front of their children, the children think that it’s OK and have a higher chance at becoming alcoholics. The children can also grow up feeling neglected, lonely and a lot of times develop low self-esteem. Another way that alcohol affects the family is that the abuser of alcohol doesn’t think or realize they have a problem and can develop abusive behavior; which may push their family away.
The impact that alcoholism can have on an individual are multiple things. Constant use of alcohol takes a very strong toll on one’s body, it is the 3rd highest…
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