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Lauren Hemcher Final Project Option 1 Officer Myer, the police officer I interviewed, stated the main reasons why there is substance abuse amongst adolescents is because of peer pressure and family history. He agreed that the drinking age is exactly where it should be due to maturity and other factors. Officer Myer stated that substance abuse amongst teens is something that they deal with on sometimes a daily, but mostly a weekly basis. He stated that most of the substance abuse problems during the week come from the colleges and universities around here and from the high schools on the weekends. His advice to teens is to not drink at all and stand up to peer pressure. The advice he gives to his children is to stay clear of alcohol and…show more content…
She believes the laws have helped with DUI 's but not with changing the drinking and substance abuse amongst teens. Experimenting with alcohol, she stated, is something that teens have always done and that is something she doesn 't think any law or program could change and convince teenagers not to drink. She also added, “I feel it’s always going to take something tragic to happen to make somebody say they won’t ever drink again. I also feel people are born addicts. I had a friend in high school who drank beer in his house alone every night and when I used to ask him why he did that he said it was because he liked the way it made him feel.” That teen ended up becoming an alcoholic. She strongly felt that she there wasn 't anything someone could do about it. Starting a habit that young as a teen wreaked havoc on his early adult life. When asked about her experiences with drinking she stated that, “I personally could never drink again in my life and it wouldn 't bother me. I think people are the way they are.” She explained this is why it’s hard for her to relate to teens that have substance issues because she wonders why they can’t just stop doing what they are doing. Something I strongly agree with that this second adult stated was that sometimes it takes something tragic to happen for a teen or even an adult to say that they will never drink again. Although this is clearly not the ideal situation I do think that this happens a lot and that sometimes kids are
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