Alcohol, Good Or Evil?

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Daniel Sifford
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7 April 2015
Alcohol, Good or Evil?
July 17, 1987, a day that would effect everyone in the country whether or not they were born or not. It is the day that the Minimum Legal drinking age was signed into effect. That is a law that is one of the most broke laws in the nation. It is a fairly recent law and a majority of Americans did not know how recent it was signed in. Legal battles of all kinds helped get the law signed in. There are some helpful restrictions, and also, some unfair ones.
Even before prohibition there were movements to limit who could consume alcohol. There were a few strategies to completely ban alcohol, and the temperance movement was a very influential one. It used a form of prohibition much like today in where it gave specific ages on who could and could not drink. Finally, in 1919 the 18th amendment was ratified and alcohol was illegal throughout America. Prohibition was destined to fail miserably, and not only did it fail, but people started to drink more alcohol. There were underground gin mills and people hid their drinking much in the same way that college students today try to hide their drinking from the college they attend, their parents, and mostly the law enforcement. The 21st amendment, ratified in 1933, repealed prohibition and people were allowed alcohol again. After a lot of headache and arguing, the drinking age as we know it now was set.
Individual states could set their own laws on drinking…

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