Alcohol In American Society

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The Development of Alcohol in American Society Alcohol continues to be the most commonly used drug in America. This is not surprising given our society's view of the drug and alcohol’s history in North America since colonial times. Alcohol has been Americans’ drug of choice since before the founding of our nation. This is due in large part to early settlers’ necessity for a “safe” drink. While the Americans of today have an almost endless supply of safe beverages, in colonial times, alcohol was often the only safe drink because of the conditions of the drinking water. For this reason, alcohol was able to establish itself early in American society and maintain its hold through its addictive properties. Not only could early Americans not…show more content…
Wives were united in their dislike of their husbands coming home drunk every night, neglecting the family, and spending all of their money on alcohol. Reform movements such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union gained significant ground on limiting the use of alcohol and spreading information about the dangers of consumption, but alcohol as a way of life was already set. Even the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol, didn’t have the power to exterminate the corporate production or sale of alcohol. Instead, it just bolstered the allure of bootleg alcohol as a way to rebel against government sanctions, leading to a popular societal culture of defiance and risk…show more content…
While alcohol use, or lack thereof, as a form of personal expression is not necessarily a view shared by societies across the globe, it is the one we have developed over the course of our history. Our society's views on alcohol are ever-changing and not necessarily shared by every member of society, but alcohol will always be a major part of our lives because our society's development has always included alcohol, as reflected in alcohol's use from colonial times through the Industrial Revolution and extending into the modern
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