Alcohol In High School: Student Analysis

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Students in my high school face numerous forms of alcohol and drugs. After 30 years of teaching, our attendance is down. I used to believe it was just alcohol, but I know I have students that are attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that are taking different prescription drugs. With so much pressure to have superior grades, and to win in all of our athletic events, our school is tiny enough that students become too busy with a considerable amount of activities and do not allow enough time to enjoy what our community has to offer. By listening to my students, I can become more aware of what pressures they have. By helping students, so as adults they will become more aware of how to handle…show more content…
36). Our police devised statements in our paper about the need to crack down on establishments with liquor licenses selling to minors. Bachman states in his articles “29% of the students are in the 30-day use of alcohol with parents with low education”. What is more alarming, “over 20% of the students are in 30-day use of alcohol with parents with higher education”. (Alcohol use among adolescents, 2012) Some of the studies include only students who are still in schools, such as the MTF study the YRBS study. We have an alternative school in our town, so I know those students probably have even more opportunities to acquire…show more content…
I know it will become worse when they don’t have parents watching, and checking to note they are taking the proper amounts of medications. I did not realize there are multiple types of narcotics available for students. Sedatives and barbiturates show availability has been decreasing for all grades from 1975 to 2011. (Overview of Key Findings, 2011) I personally teach over 100 students in my classroom daily. I know several students that have prescriptions, and say it is ok to utilize these drugs to assist in sleep and relieve anxiety. With no parental supervision of these drugs at home, students are already on the path of addiction and problems that will have immensely serious health problems as they become
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