Alcohol Is A Dangerous Drug

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In our modern society the constant abuse of drugs and alcohol has become a major issue. Dependence on substances such as alcohol is a common phenomenon in our world. Many individuals who constantly drink changing their ways are the hardest and biggest obstacles. Often these individuals are looking to feel the positive effects that alcohol provides for them. Such as gaining more confidence and forgetting about any problems they may have in their life, past present or future. Alcohol is a drug that slows down an individual’s brain, providing the drinker with a feeling of relaxation. According to the Centre for Mental Health “about 6,700 Canadians die each year as a result of drinking alcohol—due to car crashes, other accidents, suicides and murders, and health problems related to alcohol use”( Most people don’t even recognize alcohol as a drug but the reality is alcohol is a very dangerous drug and is the most abused substance in Canada. The act off drinking has become a social norm within our culture and access to it is a lot simpler than any other substance. The issues that emerge when a person is dependent on alcohol may not become evident right away but eventually overtime the individual builds up a reliance on the substance as a form of relief or emotional release. This dependence will lead to the individual believing that they cannot function without a drink. Much like a drug user breaking the habit is one of the most difficult barriers that an…

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