Alcohol Is Linked With Memory

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students drink alcohol at least one time (2015). There is a study shows that alcohol is linked with memory (Blume, A. W., Schmaling, K. B. & Marlatt, G. A., 2005). This study explains that the amount of alcohol that person drink could lead to many problems such as facing difficulties in learning and remembering information. For example, a teacher made a test for his students about remembering the words that they took in the class, student who drink alcohol will forget most of the words because alcohol make the remembering process very difficult to them. Also, there is study includes 117 participants that are alcohol addicted and it shows that they will have better memory if they reduce the amount of drinking alcohol (2005). The article reports that teenagers are likely to Binge drinking which they drink before age 15 ( Haelle, 2015). Also, the Haelle wrote, “People forget what happens when they are drunk because alcohol makes it harder for the brain to turn short-term memories into long-term ones” ( Haelle, 2015)This quote shows that alcohol is an essential factor that can make teens forget easily. Also, there is a test that made to see what are some effects of alcohol. The test shows that there are changes in memory, emotion and personality (Welsh, 1997). As a result, teens have to avoid alcohol because it will effect on their memory. There is a fact shows that most teens drink above the limit of alcohol, “More than 80 percent have blood-alcohol levels above the legal limit
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