Alcohol Is a Legal Drug Essay

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What is drug?
A drug is a chemical substance that acts on the brain and nervous system, and changes a individual's mood, emotion or state of consciousness (Health Service Executive 2013).
Drugs classified by the effect they produce:
• Stimulants, such as cocaine, make people feel full of energy;
• Depressants (or sedatives), such as heroin, make people feel relaxed;
• Hallucinogens, such as LSD, make people see, feel or hear things that are not real (Health Service Executive 2013).
Legal drugs.
Under Irish law, most drugs are illegal. However, some drugs are legal, they include:
• caffeine
• cigarettes (Health Service Executive 2013).
What is alcohol?
Alcohol is a legal, sedative drug which can alter feelings ( n.k).
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Additionally CO2 produced by fermentation makes the bubbles in beer and some types of wine.
From consumption to abuse.
In 2011 World Health Organisation produced report based on the 2008 figures, in relation to alcohol drinking patterns (WHO 2011). The figures showed that an average Irish adult consumes 13.4 litres of pure alcohol per annum, compared to 12.2 litres to European adult. In addition to World Health Organisation survey, Health Services Executive in 2010 issued publication presenting 20 years of analysis of alcohol consumption in Ireland by Hope (Byrne 2010). In this publication it states that, Hope’s study shows that alcohol consumption per adult increased from 9.8 litres of pure alcohol in 1987 to 13.4 litres in 2006. Furthermore consumption per adult had risen to a high of 14.3 litres in 2001. Correspondingly there was a slight decrease in consumption per adult between 2004 and 2006, due to a greater increase in the adult population than in alcohol sales. Burne (2010) noted that, Ireland has a relatively high proportion of abstainers from alcohol. Ramstedt and Hope’s 2005 study of drinking habits in seven EU countries (Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, UK, France and Italy) participating in the European Comparative Alcohol Study (ECAS) showed that at 23%, Ireland had by far the highest proportion of abstainers(Byrne 2010). Overall high abstainers numbers are good news, however if one to include abstainers statistics into
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