Alcohol Marketing and Advertising

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Alcohol Marketing and Advertising
A Report to Congress
September 2003
Federal Trade Commission, 2003
Timothy J. Muris Chairman
Mozelle W. Thompson Commissioner
Orson Swindle Commissioner
Thomas B. Leary Commissioner
Pamela Jones Harbour Commissioner
Report Contributors
Janet M. Evans, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Advertising Practices
Jill F. Dash, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Advertising Practices
Neil Blickman, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Enforcement
C. Lee Peeler, Deputy Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection
Mary K. Engle, Associate Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Division of Advertising
Joseph Mulholland, Bureau of Economics
Dawne E. Holz,
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Unless care is taken, alcohol ads targeted to young legal drinkers also may appeal to those under the legal age. Because of significant constitutional issues, the Commission continues to recommend enhanced selfregulation to address concerns about alcohol advertising’s appeal to minors.
In addition to self-regulation of advertising, a comprehensive alcohol policy also must address the means by which teens obtain alcohol for consumption. Younger minors obtain alcohol primarily from noncommercial sources; this social availability can be addressed by changing adult attitudes about teen use. Changes also are needed to reduce underage alcohol purchases from commercial outlets, a source of alcohol for older minors. Support is needed for the efforts of organizations that can conduct rigorous field studies of the efficacy of alternative approaches to improving enforcement of minimum age purchase laws.
The Commission will continue to monitor alcohol industry self-regulation, particularly the implementation of the new placement standard requiring that adults constitute at least 70% of the audience for advertising. Additionally, the Commission will monitor the effectiveness of thirdparty review programs and will continue to evaluate new advertising programs that may have undue appeal to underage consumers.
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