Alcohol Misuse

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One main public health issue that the writer will focus on is alcohol misuse. Alcohol is one of the popular and legally available drugs. Alcohol misuse is using alcohol in such a way that it causes harm to user and to those close to him/her - physically, psychologically and socially. The writer will explore the impact of alcohol on the individual and the community and policy on alcohol, whiles critically evaluating the role of the nurse and the effectiveness of the policy.

First, it is important to know the underlying causes of Alcohol misuse. These are stressors at work including fear of losing job, conflict with peers etc. and other factors according to a research are sociability (71%), like the taste (51%) feel at ease (12%) get
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It is significant for alcohol policy because of the impact of 'Dual Diagnosis' (combined mental health and substance misuse problems) and the mutually supportive outcomes that improving mental health and reducing alcohol harms share.

What is the role of the nurse in promoting health? Nurses and other healthcare professionals play an important role in the policies and strategies of alcohol misuse and are crucial to its success. Nurses are instrumental in establishing health-promotion programmes, with the goal of enabling individuals and families to choose healthier lifestyles.
According to Ewles and Simnett (2003) there are five approaches to health promotion. These are Medical, Behaviour Change, Educational, Empowerment and Social Change.
One of the public health policies that the writer will focus on is the ban on restriction on places and times of alcohol sale. In the Alcohol Licensing Act 2003 (came into effect in 2005) for example, there is a ban on the sale of alcohol between 11pm and 5am.( In order to examine the role of the nurse, the Beattie(1991) model of health promotion framework will be chosen.(Naidoo & Wills(2002)).
On health persuasion, nurses have a role in interventions directed at individuals. Example is a nurse encouraging or persuading a patient to stop misusing alcohol and lead a healthier lifestyle. This activity includes advice and information. However, according to the NHS survey 2010 (Alcohol
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