Alcohol Poisoning : The Effects Of Excess Drinking

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Alcohol Poisoning: The Effect of Excess Drinking
Queensborough Community College
Carlene N. Waite
NU 204

This study will examine the harmful effects of alcohol poisoning caused by excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages in a short period of time. Men, women and underage drinkers are affected by this deadly disease that kills thousands each year. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, there are 2,221 alcohol poisoning deaths or six deaths per day in the U.S. each year” (Stahre, Roeber, Kanny, Brewer, & Zhang, 2014). This number is high for a disease that is self-inflicted. On the other hand what makes alcohol poisoning extremely dangerous is, it not only affects the users but the people around them. There are many people killed from negligence or car accidents because the person intellectual was impaired due to the excess amount of alcohol consumed. Alcohol poisoning is tremendously hazardous for the consumer and the people impacted by the consumer. It is important to educate and make people aware of the devastating affects alcohol poisoning can have on their bodies and the people around them. The purpose of this research is to understand the cause and the effect of alcohol poisoning but also the symptoms and treatment for this disease. This research will emphasize on what leads to alcohol poisoning and the consequences behind excess or “binge” drinking that contributes to this disease and the damaging effects associated with…
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