Alcohol Problems among Young People in Britain

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This essay has been developed to discuss the increasing alcohol problem in young people in Britain, also to raise the reasons behind why young people drink and suggest possible solutions for the young people of today and to also carry on to the next generation.
One of the main reasons for young people to use alcohol is peer pressure, this is when young people socialise with their friends and feels they cannot say no in fear of being left out.
Other reasons could be what goes on in their home environment, it is estimated that 1.3 million children are affected by their parents alcohol problems, Also boredom, many young people feel they have to drink for something to do or to even block out problems they are having i.e. bullying or some
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If there was more for young people to do like youth clubs, drop in centres or attractive venues at low cost this could help young people keep off the streets and perhaps help the situation with boredom.
Schools could also be helping with more education on the effects in alcohol especially for when they get older and try to get a job, there could be an alcoholics anonymous councillor at the school perhaps monthly or even weekly to talk with classes and individuals, regular talks with police/nurse to explain the dangers of alcohol abuse from pregnancies, STI and other diseases, liver failure to violence, a nurse could also talk about contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies or STI’s.
Perhaps recovering alcoholics could talk with teenagers and give advice on how their lives have changed from starting drinking to giving up.
Advertisement to be kept at a minimum and only show alcohol adverts on television late at night and show more adverts on binge drinking and the devastating effects it may have, also shops to keep posters and bright coloured notices of special offers at a minimum as these special offers attract young people. Perhaps security cameras outside shops and in streets to help stop young people from standing outside these places and being a nuisance to nearby residences.
The age to buy alcohol is 18yrs and the 21yrs policy applies, perhaps if the UK was more
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