Alcohol Television Commercials are Misleading Viewers Essay

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Alcohol Television Commercials are Misleading Viewers

At any given time a person can turn on their television and find a commercial of some sort. Their main purpose is for them to throw information about their product to anyone who will listen. It is also common for this form of advertisement to be promoting an alcoholic beverage. Whether it’s a catchy song with the chorus chanting “This Bud’s for you!” or three frogs belching “Bud-Wei-Ser!”, viewers learn the slogans and use them in their own lives. Needless to say, alcohol companies have mastered the art of grabbing the attention of their audience by imbedding their images and words through commercial advertising. Although clever, these advertisements can be misleading
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Usually there is very little about the actual product at all and few statements about the specific characteristics of the brand. They do provide, however, information on where the product can be found and an exaggeration of its effects on the audience’s lives. Additionally, “the more highly valued the image, the more persuasive the ad is expected to be” (Covell, 1992, p.3), and since our culture encourages alcohol consumption in order to have a good time, alcohol commercials play-off that information as much as they can. For example, children look up to their parents and stereotype them positively, and since alcohol is considered an adult activity, they also tend to stereotype alcoholic consumption positively. Along with the association of alcohol and adulthood, advertisements are to blame for the misleading assumptions that drinking is also associated with athleticism, strength, beauty, fun, and sophistication. This most definitely leads to premature drinking because adolescents are always striving for these values.

If people are constantly exposed to alcohol commercials, then why is it that we don’t warn the audience about their misleading advertising? In the article, “Effects
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