Alcohol Use And The Problems Associated With High Risk Drinking Among Native Americans

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Alcohol use and the problems associated with high-risk drinking among Native Americans/ Native Alaskan populations has taken a toll within this particular group of people. Alcohol was initially introduced to the Native American culture by white settlers who had arrived from Europe. Soon after the settler’s arrival, alcohol became a commodity used for trade with Indians for their crops. Alcohol prior to this introduction was not widely used but, this however made alcohol prevalent with Native people and it soon became customary among Native tribes. Alcohol abuse within the Native culture has damaged Native Americans in a way that many in the United States will probably never fully understand.
Unlike other cultures that have had thousands of years of getting use to the ingestion of alcohol, the relationship between Native Americans and alcohol is fairly new to their culture. Native Americans have had less time with developing the genetic tolerance of alcohol that exist among other ethnic groups. The combination of living in poverty, being in an ongoing state of oppression, and alcohol use is a recipe for disaster for many Native Americans. In comparison to the U.S. population in particular, the Native American populations are at higher risk of death caused by alcoholism diseases, domestic violence, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Interventions within the Native American communities have seen a decrease is some of the challenges they face regarding alcoholism.
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