Alcohol and College Students

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Alcohol and College Students

Excessive drinking by college students has become a social phenomenon in which College students do not acknowledge the health risks that are involved with their excessive drinking habits. Furthermore, college students do not know enough about alcohol in general and what exactly it does to the body or they do not pay attention to the information given to them.

There needs to be a complete saturation on the campuses, with the help of businesses and the media, expressing how excessive drinking is not attractive and not socially accepted. A report from GSU seeks to explore all aspects of alcohol abuse related to college students through definitions and statistical problems of alcohol abuse in hopes of
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And when drinking becomes addictive, either psychologically or physically, it’s considered alcoholism. Alcohol abuse, if left untreated, can very easily progress into alcoholism”.

Most college students believe the myth that people who are morally weak or have emotional problems are the ones who can become alcoholics. Whereas the truth is that “studies show there are no particular personality traits that cause alcoholism to occur.

What’s important is how much and how often someone drinks, not what kind of person they are”.

Ultimately college students are setting themselves up to become the alcoholics of the future because they drink when their depressed, stressed about school work, and to simply have a so called good time. The social acceptance of drinking alcohol in college statistically makes alcohol abuse among college students one of the biggest problems among educational institutions in the United States.

Statistically alcohol has caused a wealth of misfortune and death across the United States just among college students. “According to the Core Institute, an organization that surveys college drinking practices, 300,000 of today’s college students will eventually die of alcohol-related causes such as drunk driving accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, various cancers, and heart disease”. In addition “drinking and driving has been reported by 60% of college men and 50% of college women who are binge drinkers”. Also
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