Alcohol and Drug Abuse Essay

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Alcohol is a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent. (Online Dictionary) Although it is legal in the United States it is still illegal to those who aren’t twenty one years of age and other. This includes those persons of age purchasing alcohol for those under age. To some college students, heavy drinking that leads to vomiting is not alcohol abuse but simply having a good time.
Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is a chronic disorder characterized by compulsive, repeated, and excessive consumption of alcohol to the extent that the individual's health, social and economic functioning is impaired. Alcoholism has four symptoms namely craving, loss of control, physical dependence and tolerance. Craving is a
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Every day, on average, 11,318 American youth (12 to 20 years of age) use alcohol for the first time, compared with 6,488 for marijuana. According to a national survey, nearly one third (31.5%) of all high school students reported hazardous drinking (5+ drinks in one setting) during the 30 days preceding the survey. Alcohol is the most abused drug among America’s teenagers ( By young adulthood, early alcohol use was associated with employment problems, other substance abuse, and criminal and other violent behavior. Teenagers who begin drinking by the age 15 are four times more likely to develop alcoholism than those who begin drinking at the legal age of 21( Teens under 15 who have ever consumed alcohol are twice as likely to have sex as those who have not. Nearly 4 in 10 sexually active teens that use alcohol have had sexual intercourse with four or more individuals (Alcohol Abuse Info).
More than 1,700 college students in the U.S. are killed each year—about 4.65 a day—as a result of alcohol-related injuries. Being an alcoholic may also lead to one abusing drugs.
Drug abuse is the constant use of drugs to help change one's mood, emotion, or state of consciousness. Sometimes someone may have to be prescribed a drug however, over using prescribed drugs is illegal. Sometimes people sell certain prescribed drugs to others for personal needs

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