Alcohol in Our Society; Huxley's View in Relation to Brave New World

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Alcohol in Our Society; Huxley’s View in Relation to Brave New World Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a science fiction book that captures both the good and bad sides of cloning and mass production of humans through science. Huxley’s book, published in 1932, conveys his well-developed and disturbingly accurate ideas about human behavior in what was then the distant future. In addition, his writing measures the capacity for which humans can obsess over not only having a perfect society, but also having total control over everyone and everything in a world where nothing is wild and untamed. Individualism is seen as a cause of instability, and society in its entirety is broken down into five castes. For the people of the …show more content…
In the World State, soma “holidays” are likewise used in the same way as alcohol for the intent of leaving behind problems and difficulties. One such instance occurs when Lenina uses soma after being exposed to the lifestyle of the people of the reservation (140, Huxley). She is disgusted and appalled by how people in the reservation live and as a result takes enough soma to completely immobilize herself. For many people of society today, alcohol or other drugs play this role. Not only is soma used for pleasure or escape, but also as a remedy for physical pain. Unlike the world today, where there are thousands of drugs available for any kind of pain, in the “World State” soma is the only drug available and it cures everything.

In addition to the use of this drug for pleasure and for medicine, soma is also used by the “World State” as a way to control both good and bad emotions. The slogan of the “World State” is “Community, Identity, Stability” (Huxley, 3). Soma plays a major role in the “Stability” part of that motto, partly because individualism does not exist in the society, and also because emotion towards one person alone for an extended period of time is harshly discouraged. The World State runs the entire community based upon total stability.

The influence of the desire of the “World State” to have stability among its members is
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