Alcoholic: A Short Story

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When I was 16 years old I sued my mom. From the time I entered freshman year in high school I knew my mother had a problem. Picking your drunken mother up off the floor on a Wednesday night is not normal; other teenagers don't do that. How do you tell your mother you need her to stop drinking? I wanted to tell the woman who gave me life that I did not feel comfortable in her home. I tried once to speak with her. She had called me when I was out with my friends; she wanted me to buy her pain spray. "I fell on my back walking down the stairs" translated to 'I was drunk one night and fell down a flight of stairs trying to get to bed.' That exact day I came home with the pain spray and told myself I was going to speak with her. "Mom, I think you have a problem, and I want you to stop."…show more content…
Living with an alcoholic is not something you can describe. It is something that affected my life every day. I was put in a situation that I ultimately had no control over. I spent a lot of my time focusing on trying to fix my mom. It took me almost four years of growing to realize that I cannot fix someone else. My mom did not want to change and it is not my responsibility to change
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