Alcoholic Parents Affect the Life and Development of a Child

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Therefore, there is a wide explanation of what a family is. The most common definition states that a family consists of a married couple who have children that they care for and love. Families will have their problems, but some are more extensive than others. It is said that a child is a product of his or her environment. When a family has an extensive problem that disrupts the unity of a family, logically the child suffers. Alcohol has taken a toll on individuals all around the world. Unfortunately, alcohol has also become dangerously exposed to a multitude of families. Parents who are addicted to alcohol form a broken home for their children. This causes everything to function abnormally. A child ends up growing without parents who love and care for them. Alcoholic parents affect the life and development of a child. Alcohol forms an unrealistic idea of what family is in a child’s mind, prevents a proper flow of love and care, and provides for mental and moral instability.

When children have alcoholic parents, they form the wrong idea of what a family is supposed to be. For a child, a family should be a close, encouraging, and an emotionally sound structure. A child should experience a family that has a solid base of unity. A family with unity is able to handle any issues that may enter into their household. Unfortunately, when a child lives with a family…
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