Alcoholics Anonymous : A Anonymous

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Attending an Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting
Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in the basis that alcoholism cannot be healed medically, but spiritually. Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1939 by Bill Wilson, and Dr. Robert Smith (B’s, n.d.). The main goal of Alcoholics Anonymous is recovery from alcoholism, and to fully abstain from consuming alcohol. Several non-stated goals are staying out of jail, fixing a financial situation, or becoming happier (Trizio, 2006). After attending in a meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous, I could tell that there was a much deeper meaning for the word ‘sobriety’ for people who suffer from alcoholism. Alcoholics Anonymous has no formal membership, monthly dues, or yearly subscriptions. In order to become a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, a person must have a strong desire to quit drinking (Quality Information, n.d). Members of Alcoholics Anonymous don’t discriminate against those who drink, as some people attend meetings simply because they didn’t want to be drinking at that moment. Alcoholics Anonymous members are a close knitted community, as they all face the same struggles together, and tend to be the best sources of referral. Other sources of referral’s come from Law Enforcement, Judges, Physiatrists, and church leaders. It takes an alcoholic to know an alcoholic, so the backbone of Alcoholics Anonymous revolves around alcoholics helping other alcoholics. However, an alcoholic cannot diagnose another alcoholic with alcoholism. The

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