Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa ) And How It Works And What Makes It Successful

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For this reflection, the focus is to look closer at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and how it works and what makes it successful. AA is a group that was a group formed for those members that are powerless over alcohol (Van Wormer, & Davis, 2013). I attended AA meetings in Cincinnati on Monday-Friday at noon. I have been attending daily since October 3rd, except for weekends. There are usually about 30 to 50 participants in each session. There are beginner’s meetings, open and closed meetings all at the same place working together for the first fifteen minutes. The facilitators would open the meeting by introducing himself as an alcoholic and welcome everyone for attending. He asks for new members and visitors. This is a nice touch as it seems very inviting as it gives that feeling of warmth from the beginning. The facilitator also asks for any out of town visitors and lastly if there are any anniversaries. There were two during my observation, one guy had reached 1 year and one lady had 5 years. Both were given a coin to celebrate their sobriety and a warm celebratory praise from the group. They both were given the opportunity to speak if they chose and they both declined. Preamble is then read by the chairperson or a member. This states the purpose of AA and why you are here and what you would expect by attending (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. 2005). For example, you would not have any fees, and the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

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