Alcoholics Anonymous And The Philosophies Essay

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Alcoholics Anonymous and The Philosophies in Between: Conflicting Philosophies Between the Original Twelve-Step Alcohol’s Anonymous Program and The New Counseling Profession Brandon R. McIver University of Oregon Abstract This paper concerns the notoriously well known successful treatment program, Alcoholics Anonymous twelve-step program, and contrasts it to what would be referred to as a revised version of the original program. Alcoholics Anonymous has been one of the primary sources of addiction recovery in individuals for numerous years. It allows its participants, who are deemed to be part of an international fellowship of both men and women alike, an opportunity to join in a camaraderie that is self-supporting, multiracial, nonprofessional, and conveniently available in a variety of locations. It aims to let its participants share personal experiences and partake in a group atmosphere where the lead counselor bans judgment. The fundamental values of Alcoholics Anonymous exist in the twelve core steps that attendees are encouraged to follow in an effort to redeem control of their alcohol addiction problem. Alcoholics Anonymous has been proven to change participants’ principal values and assist them in changing their perceived outlook on life for an increased potential at living a healthier and addiction free lifestyle. However, the twelve core values of Alcoholics Anonymous have been challenged and questioned in an effort to
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