Alcoholics Anonymous: the 12-Step Treatment

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Alcoholics Anonymous:
The 12-Step Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous:
The 12-Step Treatment

The 12-step program used by Alcoholics Anonymous is a well-known treatment method that’s used for many types of addiction, not just alcohol. Alcoholics are encouraged to “work” the 12-steps. The first step involves admitting the powerlessness over alcohol. The second step has the alcoholic believe that there is some type of a greater power working that will help aide the alcoholic to reach sobriety, as well as maintain is once reached. This step is an example of the religious influence on the 12-step recovery process.
Alcoholics Anonymous is not a religion, it is a spiritual program. In a religion you do certain things or act certain ways to
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The chips are usually different colors, depending on how long the alcoholic has been sober.
The final two steps of Alcoholics Anonymous involve “taking inventory” of your life and understanding why you did what you did when drunk. These are called the drinker’s motivations. Step 12 talks about three major parts the alcoholic should have accomplished. They are having had a spiritual awakening, practicing the lessons learned in Alcoholics Anonymous, and carrying the message of recovery to other alcoholics. The final step seems like a lifetime step. It is practiced by the drinker, along with the other steps for the rest of their life. It stresses the amount of work they must put in for the program to work for them.
It is said that, once completed, the alcoholic has a lifetime of recovery. Alcoholism is a disease that most alcoholics will admit never goes away. Alcoholics need ongoing treatment and support. There is always a chance to “fall off the wagon.” Alcoholics should enter a long-term treatment facility, go through detox, join Alcoholics Anonymous and attend meetings regularly. The longer an alcoholic receives treatment, the better the chances for becoming sober and being able to stay that way.
In conclusion, though the 12-steps may be a life changer for some. The 12-steps are not a one-size fits all method, in fact for many it has failed to suit their needs. The best way to stay sober is simply through abstinence. It is the only true “cure” of alcoholism.
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