Alcoholism And Dependency Of Alcoholism

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This paper analyzes five peer-reviewed articles and fact supported from books discussing about the disorder, which also includes, scholarly reference executed through research studies. The study was conducted through online and offline sources. The research study that will be the main focus of this paper will be on alcoholism and topics discussed on the dependency of alcoholism. One will come across with articles having different discuss on the effects, use of and dependency of alcoholism. The introduction section will include a brief definition of alcoholism. Overall the paper will discuss about the causes of alcoholism, effects of alcoholism, the treatment for alcohol dependence. Method section will discuss about the participants included in varies research studies. The studies focused on males, females, and adolescents. The results will have varies test used to examine the cause and effects of alcoholism and the dependence. As for the Discussion section, this will bring together all varies topics mention in the research paper. It will come to a conclusion about alcoholism and dependence. In order to understand the research studies conducted one should know the definition of Alcoholism. “Alcoholism isn’t a disease but a disorder that is characterized by the extreme consumption of and dependence on alcoholic beverages, which advances to physical and psychological harm and impaired social and career functioning.” (Baye, 2007). Drinking patterns vary across
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