Alcoholism And Drugs : A Bird 's Eye View On Socio Demographics

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Article 1 The Journal of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in its Volume 3 Issue 3 has an article titled “Horrendous Situation of Substance Abuse in Pakistan: A Bird’s Eye view on Socio-Demographics.” This article primarily focuses on alcoholism and drug use in Pakistan. The author provides a detailed analysis that shows how rampant use of drugs has become in Pakistan over the recent years. There are several drugs whose use has been popular in this nation and this includes cannabis, heroin, methamphetamine, inhalants, alcohol and so forth. (Aslam, 2015) Moreover, this topical issue on drug abuse has been analyzed on the usage based on age. It has been found that majority of the users are between the ages of 15 and 39 years. The article further shows that cannabis is the most commonly abused drug by people between the age of 30 years and 34 years with heroin abuse being highest among individuals of age 35 to 39 years. This article highlights a number of problems that are related to drug and substance abuse. These problems can be categorized as economic and social. The author posits that this phenomenal drug usage has brought a lot of devastating effects on the psychological and physical welfare of the people and this has adversely affected the manpower and hence the economic development of Pakistan. Depriving the country of its labor force is the major economic problem Pakistan is facing due to drug abuse whilst health risks including enhanced spread of HIV and spread of crime

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