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12 April 2011
“The Inside Story on Alcoholism” Going back to the early 1920’s, alcoholism was an issue for many men, evident by the push for the Prohibition by many women at that point in time. Women wanted the 18th amendment so that their husbands would stop throwing their money away at bars, when many families lived from check to check, this was when the phrase “when you have a relationship with someone who is addicted, you have a relationship with an addiction, not a person” was coined by individuals in relationships with alcoholics. Saying that alcohol serves no purpose wouldn’t be telling the entire truth, in fact, alcohol does have its uses, including but not limited to cleaning wounds, and disinfecting door handles that are touched
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Television shows, such as “ER”, which featured a female doctor that was an alcoholic, would be more likely to have teen viewers that had tried alcohol compared to shows such as TV shows that did not have a major character drinking on a regular basis. (Parul and Slater). Also in a study conducted by the Naval Health Research Center and the Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault concluded that out of 5,697 Navy recruits, those that were abused were more likely to use alcohol to self medicate. (Trent et al.).
Currently, there is an act in Congress; known as the CARE Act, Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness, which is aimed at “supporting state-based alcohol regulation” (Wright) which would give individual states the right to limit direct shipment to consumers, which would limit the availability of alcohol in certain situation. (Wrights) This would be monumental to limit the amount of alcohol that can go to teenagers, similar to how anyone under the age of 18 can’t buy anything with Pseudoephedrine, such as Bayer, Benadryl, or Zyertec and even then there is a datebase, known as the National Percursor Log Exchange, which monitors

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