Alcoholism : Familial Risk Factors Essay

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Addiction: Familial Risk Factors In The Onset Of Addiction
Denise Harper
PSY326: Research Methods (COL1621B)
Instructor: Nicole Ubinger

Familial Risk Factors in the Onset of Addiction
The social behavior of an individual can be determined by the surroundings and other people. The people who are close are more likely to impact one another’s behavior than people who do not interact closely. Individuals who interact closely include children and their parents and friends among others. Nevertheless, some developmental stages are more prone to being impacted by other people concerning the outcome of social behavior. Early stages of development (childhood) and adolescence are more likely to be affected by the surroundings and relationships than other stages such as adulthood (Whitesell, Bachand, Peel, & Brown, 2013). For instance, children and adolescents friendship relationships lead to peer pressure. Peer pressure can influence teens to abuse drugs which can result in addiction. Another social risk factor that can enhance the onset of substance abuse in teenagers is a broken relationship with their parents (Whitesell, Bachand, Peel, & Brown, 2013). Parents are central when it comes to controlling inappropriate behavior such as substance abuse amongst children in the society. Therefore, once there is a broken relationship and communication with parents, the children will experience stress and trauma. The teenagers will then engage in drug
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