Alcoholism In Cry Baby

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Cry Baby is an emotional, love sick girl who’s heart is too big for her body. Other students at her school teased her because she always expressed her emotions, but she pretends not to care. (“Cry Baby”). At home, things only get worse for Cry Baby. Even at her ‘safe place’, she still has things to hide. (“Dollhouse”). We first get a little snippet of her mother, an alcoholic with pretty jewelry and a terrible marriage. The mother’s husband is unfaithful and cheats on her. Her son also smokes weed. But, they always try to put a smile on their face in front of the camera. Things about Melanie a.k.a Cry Baby’s family opens up a little bit more. After Melanie has a talk with her mother about her alcoholism, she still knows her mother hides liquor…show more content…
She yells at him, and spells out words on her fridge. (“Alphabet Boy”) Showing her uniqueness, her verses start in alphabetical order. Melanie meets another boy and thinks about telling him that she loves him. With the help of her one and only friend, she comes to the conclusion that if she does tell him, it will ruin everything. Instead of telling him, she washes her mouth out with soap (“Soap”). Melanie finally meets a boy that she is ready to take the next step with. She fell for this man, and it hurts (“Training Wheels”). Melanie took off her training wheels, and invited the boy to her birthday party. Sadly, he never showed up, along with any of her friends. But, Melanie keeps the party going anyways (“Pity Party”). After her house is burned to ashes, she needs some time to herself. She sits herself in a field. When the “wolves,” see that Melanie is single, they come hunting. (“Tag, You’re It”) One particular wolf, The Big Bad Wolf, taunts Melanie with an Ice Cream Truck. “Tag, You’re It” is a dark song about a man pushing down Melanie, poisoning her, kidnapping her, and bringing her to his house. There is a happy ending for Melanie when she gets the chance the tie up the man, and make him eat poison cookies (“Milk and Cookies”). Melanie sees, yet, another boy she likes and goes after him. (“Pacify Her”) She gives his girlfriend a “pacifier” and steals her man. After
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