Alcoholism Is A Major Issue

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Alcoholism is a major issue in the United States and has been for many years. It destroys lives drink by drink. “It is estimated that between 18 million -- or one in 12 adults -- in the U.S. abuse alcohol or are chronic alcoholics. Nearly 100,000 Americans die each year as a result of alcohol abuse, and alcohol is a factor in more than half of the country 's homicides, suicides, and traffic accident (Understanding Alcohol Abuse -- the basics).” Alcoholism is caused by genetic, physical, psychological, environmental, and social factors (O 'Rouke). It occurs often in high-stress careers, which goes hand in hand in the EMS System. EMS personnel experience high-stress situations on every shift. They jeopardize their own lives to help save another. EMTs and Paramedics go through so much that not everyone can understand. Their families and friends try to but get upset with the outcome. “Our field staff and our commanders get exposed to, really, some stressful and very traumatic experiences,’ Kruse said. ‘Every time the tone goes off, they have an opportunity to interact with somebody as they’re dying or their life is being forever transformed.’ (O’Rourke).” Some feel that the best way to cope with such traumatic events is to talk to a therapist about their problems. Others depend on alcohol and sooner or later become chronic alcoholics. “Chronic alcoholism is a progressive, potentially fatal disease, characterized by an incessant craving for, increased tolerance of, physical…

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