Alcoholism Is A Mental Illness

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Nearly 90,000 people each year die of an alcohol-related accident in the United States alone and about 2.5 million people worldwide(Kelly Fitzgerald). Although that number has lowered slightly since the 1970s it still is not low enough. Until that number reaches 0 there will alway be more work to be done to prevent and cure alcoholism. In the past 40 years, there have been great strides in the statistics, treatment and the view of alcoholics however that is still not enough. This can be represented by Rex Walls in The Glass Castle. Alcoholism is a mental illness. Though, the peculiar thing about alcoholism is that it is one of the few mental illnesses that is directly caused by the sick person 's actions. The thing is, though, up to 60% of people in the US in the 1970s weren’t certain if alcoholism really was a mental illness (Kelly Fitzgerald). However, the answer is yes, alcoholism is a mental illness. And the 17.6 million alcoholics in the US today would agree (NCADD). “Alcoholism is a serious, chronic, potentially fatal condition in which individuals have difficulty controlling their consumption of alcoholic beverages” (Amy Blackwell, Elizabeth Manar). Not only is alcohol dangerous because it is a mental illness but it is also the fact that it is the most devastating one too. In the United states today, out of those 90,000 people who die each year of an alcohol related accident, 13,000 of them came from some sort of motor vehicle crash. Out of those 13,000 motor
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