Alcoholism : Is Alcoholism A Disease?

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Alcoholism has raised many debates over the truth of its nature. Many scholars argue that alcoholism can be treated as a disease. Such approach to defining alcoholism means denying that alcohol abusers own a choice. In consequence, the treatment related differs and may or may not actually help alcoholics recover. A wrong diagnostic of this addiction can lead to serious health issues; therefore, it is vital to answer the following question: Is alcoholism a disease? Most experts in this field criticises this view of alcoholism as a disease due to the fact that this theory simply lacks a cure. It also victimises alcohol abuser, hence, completely negating the power of will. Finally, the disease theory comes from a history of misinformation that has now resulted in the very source of confusion within our society. Alcoholism is extremely complex and affects all part of the abuser, the brain, the body, the genes, and the psychic; hence, it is hard to classify alcoholism as a whole Instead, it should be regarded in a case-by-case fashion. The current treatment method of alcoholism is through therapy. It is a long three stage process that involves the will of the abuser to change and eventually refrain entirely from drinking. The first stage is detoxification, a rough procedure that can incorporate the use of medication to reduce the effect of withdrawal. Then, it’s rehabilitation which also involves medication, it gives the patient the tool to maintain sober. Finally, the last step

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