Alcoholism Is An Epidemic Of Alcoholism

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It’s no secret that alcoholism is an epidemic. Anyone can fall prisoner to its call. Alcoholism knows no gender, no age, and no race. Alcoholism is an addiction to alcohol. This addiction is not a joke, or a reason to shame others. Its effects on people can be fatal. Alcoholism has claimed the lives of many people. Not always in the same way, but all the same a life lost. The way that some people lose their lives is listed as following: they lose their family, friends, homes, jobs, and etc. now others, physically become sick- their bodies shut down. Now these people, the alcoholics aren’t the only victims, the real victims are people who get hurt or die driving on the same road as an alcoholic. Now I say real victims because these are…show more content…
This obviously lead to a widespread frenzy. This caused people to export and import illegally. Which most believe gave another excuse for people to drink; it was rare and rebellious. ( Now this is not the only significant reason some might drink. It is common in a religious sermon to pass around wine. Why? Because it symbolizes the blood of Jesus. Generally done on the Sabbath, a religious and holy day in the bible.(Robert Fuller, The Conversation) This tradition can be dangerous, because it can put a person at risk of losing control, not only that but giving just another excuse. Overall there are a limitless amount of excuses. People drink at all sorts of occasions-- Quinceaneras, weddings, bat mitzvahs, and etc. Regardless of the cause, the outcome is almost always the same, maybe not exactly same but all in all similar. This is because it doesn’t always stop there. Some people truly enjoy the feeling of being intoxicated, and this is the reason why they become addicted. Still, this is not to say that drinking should be completely outlawed. Although, it definitely should be monitored. Alcohol intake depends on many personal factors such Alcohol intake depends on many personal factors such as tolerance, size, weight, and blood levels. Most alcoholic beverages have a certain amount of alcohol percentage, which can affect you varying on your own factors. Specifically, smaller/petite people are known to have
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