Alcoholism Is the Worst Drug Problem in the U.S. Essay

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Think About how long thirty minutes is. How many thirty minutes are in a day, quite a few, twenty six to be exact. On average one person dies every 30 minutes due to an automobile accident caused by alcohol. Not only does alcohol kill, it clouds decisions, and is involved in a large percent of crime. Alcohol doesn’t stop there it negatively effects our youth. Alcohol is the worst drug problem in the U.S. We’ve all heard the phrase don’t drink and drive but how many people listen to this common sense. According to a statistic taken by the Century Council, 31 percent of car fatalities involved alcohol in 2013. Around fifty thousand claims of alcohol overdose is reported annually, what is seen as a social drink or a good times drink is…show more content…
Based on information taken from NIH (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) by the age of fifteen around half of teens have had at least one drink and seventy percent by that age of 18 have had a drink. It seems harmless for youth to experiment with alcohol but there are serious risks that come with underage drinking such as injury, sexual assault, and even death. In 2008 there were more than one hundred ninety thousand underage people to visit the emergency room for alcohol related injuries. Drinking can impair decisions on sexual activity and can lead to sexually assaulting someone, or if in a crowd of drinkers the chance of being sexually assaulted is increased and even more so when it comes to youth. Alcohol in youth can even lead to death, around five thousand death are reported annually for alcohol related underage deaths. To help prevent underage drinking you can learn to look for signs in your youth. Look for problems in school, lack of concentration, bad memory, less regard for appearance, signs of alcohol use like smell and containers. If you are underage and thinking about drinking, don’t, wait tell you’re the appropriate age and then only drink in moderation and responsibly, also avoid youth that would pressure you into drinking, what may be cool isn’t the way to success. Drinking causes untold damage to our society, it hurts people, it hurts families, and it takes loved ones away from us. Alcohol attribute
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