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Samantha Jensen FCA’s:
Mrs. Rousse Solid Thesis & Topic Sentences
English 12 MLA Format
3 March 2014 Quoted/Paraphrased/Summarized

The Effects of Alcohol
I am someone who knows from experience the risk factors of alcohol. My whole life growing up, my father was an alcoholic and the facts are right, it destroys you, and your family. You can pretty much say that alcoholism can and most likely will destroy everything if you do not receive proper treatment. Alcohol is a very serious matter in today’s society and leads to many social, economic, and health problems; alcoholism can be put to an end if it was illegal and less prominent in everyday life.
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People that are surrounding an alcoholic often become frustrated with the alcoholic and become depressed. If alcoholism could be stopped, it could benefit more than just alcoholics.
Most alcoholics become dependent to the alcohol and literally cannot function without it. “The problems linked to alcohol dependence are extensive and affect people physically, socially, and mentally” (American Academy of Pediatrics 1). One crazy thing people do not know is “fish oil may protect alcoholism abusers and alcoholics from dementia” (Smith, Lawrence, and Jeanne 1). Complications of alcohol consumption include: fatigue, memory loss, liver disease, and hypertension, black outs, blurred vision, skin problems, lack of co-ordination, alcohol poisoning, cancer, and diabetes. Out of all of the complications, liver disease is the biggest problem linked to alcohol. “Long term heavy drinking eventually takes its toll resulting in liver scarring-cirrhosis, or end stage liver disease which may lead to death” (Alcoholism Sourcebook 1). “If red blood cells increase it could be an indication of long-term alcohol abuse” (American Academy of Pediatrics 1). “Some stress is linked to alcohol and alcohol abuse as well” (Narcotic Education of America 1). When being addicted to alcohol, another problem partnered with alcohol abuse and addiction is withdrawal. “Withdrawal symptoms such as, nausea, sweating, shaking, and anxiety occur when
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