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Imagine you are at a family wedding reception where there is alcohol being served. As the night progresses you notice your Uncle Bob frequenting the bar in the corner of the room for nearly one drink after another. He is reaching his limit for liquor he can handle, and you notice him acting increasingly disoriented, obnoxious, and tipsy. The rest of your family watches him as he virtually makes a fool out of himself and comments about him fill the room. "He has always been drinking way too much since his days in the frat house at the university," states one relative. "He is just like his father," comments another. Such a story sparks a debate as to the foundation of alcoholism. Merriam-Webster 's Dictionary defines alcoholism as continued…show more content…
Additionally, "the affect of low social status is to increase the risk of alcohol abuse for all people." (Steen 210) There are undoubtedly numerous factors that may influence a person to become an alcoholic, and it must be kept in mind that under the right circumstances everyone is prone to addiction.
Although environmental factors are a key issue for alcoholism, genetics are also a factor of the disease. Researchers often agree that the link between certain chromosomes and alcoholism are present in the brain. "Researchers describe the areas on the chromosomes as "hot spots" because they probably contain hundreds of different genes that contribute to an increased risk for alcoholism." (Marcotty 25) In addition to such "hot spots," R. Grant Steen, author of DNA and Destiny: Nature and Nurture in Human Behavior, states that there is a strong correlation between the A1 allele (a dopamine receptor) and alcoholism in human beings. The allele was more commonly found in the brain tissue of alcoholics than in non-alcoholics. Having discovered that presence of the allele, scientists drew the conclusion that the A1 allele was one of the best indicators that certain genetic aspects can influence the tendency to become alcoholic. In some form or genetics play a certain role in the disease. If
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