Alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous

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Alcoholics Anonymous Introduction Alcoholics Anonymous is a community of men and women who put across their experiences with alcohol and who support each-other in recovering from the critical conditions that the substance brought them in. In order to become a member, a person only needs to stop drinking, as there are no fees associated with the institution: it is a self-supporting group using its own contributions to function. A.A. is not related to any religious or political ideology, organization, or institution and its sole purpose is to focus on the problems caused by drinking alcohol and on how it can effectively help people recover. Alcoholism and A.A. Alcoholism is a pressing topic in the contemporary society and it is responsible for ruining the lives of numerous individuals from all over the world. Most people are likely to be acquainted with a person who abuses alcohol and this further contributes to emphasizing the magnitude of the problem. Alcoholics are typically inclined to ignore their problem and it is very difficult for them to accept it even when it interferes with their personal lives and makes it more and more difficult for them to perform tasks that they previously had very little problems completing. "Through treatment agencies, through the meetings and literature of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), and through interactions with significant others and with persons who call themselves alcoholics, the problem drinker gradually takes on an alcoholic
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