Alcoholism and Parenting: Samuel Adams

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The subject of parents consuming alcohol and how it affects their children is one that has plagued this world since long before the introduction of the first Samuel Adams. Alcohol damages brain cells and can prevent someone from making correct decisions. Having alcohol in one’s system can lead to violent and very dangerous rampages, and adding children to this mix is extremely harmful to them not only physically but also emotionally. Dr. Michael Windle explains that “alcohol abuse can interfere with parenting skills and marital relations, thereby affecting adolescent development and adjustment” (Effects on Children of Alcohol Dependent Parents). Under the influence of an alcohol dependent parent, children will often grow up in a…show more content…
Most alcoholics are more tolerant to teenage drinking and will do very little to stop it. According to the NHSDA, by the age of 17, “70% [of children of alcoholic parents] had begun drinking alcohol” (“Children of Alcoholics are More Likely to Abuse Substances”). What starts out as rebellious teen years can very quickly turn into a lifelong fight with alcohol addiction. Starting to drink alcohol at a young age leads to alcohol dependency when the child grows up. An alcohol dependent adult becomes violent and irrational with his or her decisions. When an adult is dependent on alcohol they often seek out a partner who has the same issues as they for comfort. Having two alcoholics in the same household can be dangerous for the both of them; they would most likely feed off of each other’s energy and the relationship would end in violence. This issue can cause a domino effect until eventually someone decided enough Is enough and stops consuming alcohol. For example, if this child of the alcoholic grows up to have a drinking problem and ends up having children then their child would then become a child of an alcoholic and grow up to become one and so on and so forth. That seems like a hefty price for some careless drinking as a teenager. Alcoholism is a disease, and like any other disease it will only get worse without proper care and help. It can be treated with therapy or even medication sometimes, but the most important thing an

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