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Case Study Part 1 1: Primary Character Joseph Freberg (Sales manager), Carl (salespeople), Kathryn (v.p), Ellen (Joseph fiancée or wife) 2: Secondary Character Cala Industrial, Trout Brothers, Omaha areas, salespeople, Alcon Part 2 See the bubble chart Part 3 A: Introduction and summary The case surrounds a sales manager, Joseph Frebert, From Alcon. He experienced a hard time working with skilled sales people. Adaptation to work within his people’s sales territory also proved difficult. The manager had pressure from work and domestic matters where he left everything to his fiancée, Ellen, a broker at Trout Brothers, was hard working compared to Joseph, confirmation from the large accounts she…show more content…
However, being proficient in such a company might get one into a big problem. It seems that kickback is norm that the employees are used to, and nothing can change. C: Assigned questions 1: what are the Joseph’s ethical problems? (1) Joseph did not stop the behavior that Carl giving kickbacks to some of his buyers. (2) Alcon’s policy handbook has no specific mention of kickbacks, but it doesn’t mean Joseph could ignore the unethical behavior. (3) Joseph was scare to lost his job because a memory, which his Boss had fired a manager with a bad new. 2: Assume that you are Joseph and discuss your options? First, I would inquire how they do the kickback process. I would then hire an external force to help in investigating the matter. The external force will then take the matter to the vice-president either directly or indirectly using the media sources. Additionally, I would brief my fiancé over what happens within the company. 3: What other information do you feel you need before making your decision? What I need is total confirmation that the kickback process is true. I would inquire from the vice-president punishment people get if they do not adhere to the policy of the company. Additionally, I would need the vice-president to review the policy to the people and enumerate what should and what should not be done, with a clear understanding of

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