Aldi Company Case Study

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Aldi Limited and their stakeholder relationship
It is extremely important for any organization to manage their stakeholders satisfactorily as they have a significant impact on the organization’s progress, (Madura, 2012, p.25). In this report, the author will look at Aldi Limited and their stakeholder relationship. Aldi Limited started their initial operations in 1946 in Germany as the biggest retailers of groceries, (Telegraph, 2013). Aldi Limited became very familiar among the people because of their low prices and the self service arrangement, (Aldi, no date).
This report will give a detailed explanation about stakeholders and their role in any organization. Further, this report will provide information on how Aldi Limited has
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Furthermore, Aldi maintains a very low price range which satisfies their customers and creates a better customer relationship.’
2.5.2 Aldi and their employees:
Aldi provides opportunities to their employees which allow them to boost their career through better salaries. In return, these well satisfied employees work harder with commitment towards their work, (Business case studies, no date, p.2).
2.5.3 Aldi and their suppliers:
Aldi Suppliers, (no date), Aldi gives priority on maintaining a reasonable relationship with their suppliers which has helped them experience a long term relationship with suppliers, who support them to sell high quality products at a cheaper price, (Business case studies, no date, p.3).
2.5.4 Aldi and the community:
(Business case studies, no date, p.6) provides evidence that Aldi uses an eco friendly system which reduces the emission of harmful gases to the environment. Moreover, Aldi minimizes energy wastage and recycles the waste produced. Aldi also takes part in many CSR activities for the betterment of the community.
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