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Introduction ALDI is a German discount retail chain which has entered the grocery market in Australia since 2001. ALDI provide low prices but high quality groceries to consumers. Although there are two major retail grocery chains which are Woolworths and Coles in Australia, ALDI has becomes another force by its low price products. This critique will analyse both micro and macro marketing environment. It will then demonstrate the current marketing approach of ALDI in Australia and redesign its marketing mix by 7Ps. The last, it will outline several recommendations. 1 Marketing Environment Analysis – Micro Trends 1.1 Trend One: Competitors A firm need to provide more consumer satisfaction than its competitors if it desires to be…show more content…
ALDI may enter Australia market successfully due to the acceptance of Australian customers. ALDI not only provide products with low price and high quality but also supply their own exclusive brands which local consumers can have a wide variety of choices. According to a survey from Roy Morgan research in 2011, it has demonstrated that ALDI obtain the highest consumer satisfaction of most major Australian supermarket chains (“Aldi number 1 for satisfied shoppers”, 2011). 2 Marketing Environment Analysis – Macro Trends 2.1 Trend One: Demographic The demographic environment is a major element in marketing since it involves people who are the basics of markets (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012, p. 94). It is important that marketers should understand the demographic trend which is the first step of developing their marketing strategies. There are some elements may influence the marketing strategy of a firm, including size of population, location, gender, occupation or other statistics. For ALDI, the marketers must do research before they entered into Australia market if they desire for success. Since Australia is a country which has many immigrants, it also contributes the growth of population. Different immigrants have different living styles and purchasing behaviour; thus, marketers should make different strategies which need to adapt to those differences. For this reason, ALDI have a variety of products which come from other countries. Moreover,

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