Aldi Is The World 's Largest Chain Operator

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The ALDI brand has many strengths, including sales volumes, providing nutritional products, discounts are passed on to consumers, and fast efficient shopping. “ALDI is the world’s largest discount store operator by sales and has flourished for more than 40 years without stocking major brands,” ( The fact that ALDI is the world’s largest discounter without having to pay the price of carrying major brands is an impressive feat. The brand capitalizes on this in the United States with “ about $8 billion in annual sales and is growing from 15 to 20 percent per year,” ( . ALDI is successful in carrying their own brands because they pay attention to consumer interest and new health-conscience lifestyles. Currently, ALDI’s own Simply Nature, all natural and organic line has become their fastest growing brand. ( Simply nature products include several organic items, and most products are free of artificial colors flavors and unnecessary enhancers. (fresh facts) In addition, the ALDI brand Live Gfree offers those with dietary restriction gluten free options. ( fresh facts) ALDI aims to make healthy living simple and affordable by offering a variety of high-quality foods, including fresh produce, meat, dairy and bakery items. ( aldi fresh facts). The brand continues to strive for ALDI buyers and manufacturers to continue to improve the nutritional profile of ALDI products. (Aldi Fresh facts). ALDI has low overhead costs due to…
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