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Individual Assessment Case Study ALDI Australia Opportunities and Future challenges By: Yusuf Yusuf ID:17759752 Tutor: Rylan Gan ALDI is one of the major supermarkets in Australia and is well known for its low prices. We have to analysis and recommend ways to maintain the high level of growth and strategic competiveness in light of the challenges the sector is facing. In this report we will be outlining the areas of strategic management and strategic competiveness. What are the internal and external factors facing ALDI. Also we look at the business level strategies the company has in order to maintain its growth. At the end of the report we will offer…show more content…
It has twisted the market by following the marketing and strategy of cutting the cost and passing on the savings to the customer. Business level Strategies The concept of Business Level Strategy is the action taken to provide value for the customer in order to gain maximum competitive advantage. The way Firms can use Business level Strategy in order to gain competitive advantage is by identifying, • Who the customers are? • What are the product and services that is going to be served to the customers? • How to satisfy the customer? Once these 3 questions are identified, the firm would be able to gain competitive advantage. The business Level Strategy used by ALDI is Cost Leadership. Its sales and marketing strategy is to save customers money by providing the lowest prices on its products. Also to cut their own costs but producing its own products. Now that ALDI has established itself as a low priced supermarket with quality, I think it will be hard to change the Business Level strategy as it may drive away its customers if it decides to go in another direction. Recommendations and Conclusion Based on our analysis of ALDI’s internal and External environment and Strategic business plan who we this is very satisfactory to where the business is at the moment. The recommendation to present ALDI senior management would be to stay up to date with modern technology in order to stay much

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