Aldi Swot Analysis

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2. Describe the marketing processes used by ALDI.

In order to the success of a marketing process, planning is vital to give purpose and direction to all the business’s activities.

2.1. Situational analysis
The situational analysis is the first step in the marketing plan because it is vital to set out the current situation before any new direction is determined. This provides the firm with an opportunity to examine the marketing environment, customer needs, and the competition. Since there are very few large supermarket chains in Australia such as the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths, Metcash and the IGA stores and ALDI it provides an advantage for ALDI to be highly competitive and an impetus to differentiate the product (Dhali, 2015, p.2).

2.1.2 Swot analysis
The swot analysis is commonly used during the situation analysis step of the marketing planning process, which allows the business to evaluate its strategic position, identify its strength and weaknesses, give an indication of threats and highlight areas of opportunities. In terms of the internal aspects, ALDI has a number of strengths and weakness.

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For example, ALDI has expanded into South Australia and Western Australia, which has increased their overall revenue and market share (Dhali, 2015, p.2). Rising wealth of personal Australians provides an advantage for ALDI profit maximisations and growth as it has led to an expanded grocery sector (Dhali, 2015, p.2). As a result, this provides an opportunity for ALDI to take an advantage of e-commerce better and to improve their online presence (Dhali, 2015, p.2). However, there is an indication of possible threats such as an increase in the goods and services tax (GST), which indicates a reduction in the consumer income tax. Due to the falling value of Australian dollar the cost of import rises which reflects on higher
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