Aldi : The Largest Retailing Companies All Over The World

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Background of the Company Aldi is one of the largest retailing companies all over the world. The first Aldi food store was opened in 1913 in German town of Essen. Since that the number of Aldi stores is increasing very rapidly. In 1954, 50th Aldi store was opened in Germany. By 1960 ALDI had grown to a network of over 300 stores between the Ruhr Valley and Aachen. The prosperous family business was then divided into two independent companies: ALDI Süd - to service the South, and ALDI Nord - for the North. Aldi was the first company to introduce the ‘self-service’ concept in the retailing market. 'In 1983, ALDI Süd started chilled distribution depots and sold fresh products such as cheese, yoghurt and sausages. Frozen products came in…show more content…
The coordination among all the employees is very vital between different knowledge areas. Aldi makes sure that there employees are achieving their best. Aldi is having their stores in many countries therefore have large number of employees working for long within the company, thus many different practices, use of technologies and web based repositories like FAQ and database are some of the example of Artifacts that is also one of the key knowledge areas. Inter-organisation is another key knowledge area as the company has many offices in different countries. The proper system and standard is made by the Aldi to be followed all over the stores to make it easy for sharing and capturing knowledge. The other key knowledge areas in Aldi are there proper training and development is provided to each and every new employees, feedback from customers and marketing. Description of the organization’s use of IT‐based tools for managing knowledge: The technology is changing rapidly; it is used for the survival of the companies in the market. There are different IT based tools used by the different organisations according to their structure and requirements of the organisation. Some of the IT based tools are: internet, brainstorming sessions, video-conferencing, knowledge maps, and many others. The IT based tools used by Aldi are: Aldi Mobile Application – Aldi is one of the largest retailer supermarket stores. They have a new

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